Frozen Melody (72x54) by Toller CranstonImpressionist Winter Day (54x43) by Toller CranstonPlayer on the Stage (84x72) by Toller CranstonSleeping Mandolin I (84x72) by Toller CranstonSummer Boating Afternoon (84x72) by Toller Cranston

Art Evolution is proud to present the artwork of Toller Cranston, who is widely acclaimed as the most influential figure skater of this century and is a highly respected visual artist. A lifetime of remarkable achievements make Toller Cranston extraordinary: Olympic medalist; Member of the Order of Canada; three-time world free-skating champion; Canadian Athlete of the Year; internationally-known painter, illustrator, best-selling author of six books, designer, choreographer; commentator and star of award-winning television specials and films. These credits are merely the tip of the creative iceberg. Over the last 50 years, Toller Cranston’s artwork has been exhibited in over 400 prestigious gallery shows around the world. His paintings are highly collectable and make a fantastic investment.